Name: Angelina Jones Main City: San Diego, CA Sex: Female Sex Preference: Bi-Sexual Body Type: Curvy Measurements: 36DD-26-38 Height: 5' 8" Weight: 138 lbs Race/Ethnic: Puerto Rican Age: 34 Availability: Incalls/Outcalls 1st Language: English 2nd Language: Italian 3rd Language: Spanish Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde Hair Type: Curly Hair Length: Long Body Piercings: None Breast Implants: No Grooming: Bald Tattoos?: None Smokes?: No Porn Star?: No Likes: Any Referenced Race Must Be: Generous, Mature, Respectful, Successful, Over 30. Sophisticated, Well-Groomed, Punctual, Hygienic. For Businessmen, CEO Executives, Pro-Athletes, Famous, Politicians; I will sign an NDA. Dislikes: Clients Whom Are: Cheap, Inconsiderate, Rude, Untimely, Disrespectful, Unhygienic, Boorish. Accept Credit Cards: Cash only Available to: Men, Women, Couples Non-Smoker, Non-Drinker: I provide bottled h2o, red or white wine, for those whom enjoy a glass. You Must Have Reputable Provider References to Tryst With Me.: If Not, Submit Real Name, Age, Race, a Picture ID, Phone, Email, Job, Co. Website, Social Media Profiles. Schedule 24 to 48 hours in Advance for Verification of References: Never "On-Call" Availability: By Pre-Screened, Pre-Scheduled Appointment Only.: 11am~11pm {Other hours available with 24 hours Advance Notice}




~~ ActorIamLA ~~  Review:  April 2018
Downtown San Diego.  She paid attention to all romantic details from the sexy lighting of
candles, to the smooth jazz wafting in the air.  She offered me a Merlot, while we waited 
for our Uber to whisk us off to a Steak house Downtown, about six blocks away.
Flirting, dining and exciting conversation was on the menu, for two hours, not to mention
a great Filet Mignon for each of us.  Dessert was planned for back at her location, for the
final two hours.  She definitely made this dinner, a seductive experience, and it was
wonderful to connect and learn a bit about each other.  I hope to repeat, many times.
She is a sexy, exotic, Spanish vixen.  Very beautiful, classy, pleasant, and highly
knowledgeable on a vast list of subjects.     
I'd have to say Angelina is The most intellectually-stimulating woman I've ever met!
 Angelina is a mind-blowing Gfe Companion, worth a million, but priceless!"
The Juicy Details:  
"Her massage is excellent, her kissing is sensual and wanting.
 Her bbbjs is the best I've ever had! It is like a porn star in a movie, with her spitting,
and all the other moves she uses to bring you to the brim and tease you and back again!!
 Covered Gfe, but in my book she's a covered Pse. She's so affectionate, passionate, & genuine.
 In between we were laughing, talking, and having a ball. Her massage to say again,
is wonderful too, which she did my back in between so we could recoup.
A most-desired and an accurate mention I must, of her voluptuous breasts & bubble big ass!
I highly recommend if you're an ass man; she's got that bounce that we all dig the sight of.
 She is a very voluptuous woman, so if you're into  boyish-bodied spinners,
like most of the girls in LA, than she's not for you.  However, if you're  into meat on a
woman's hourglass figure and hips, than she's an hourglass, precious, timeless, dessert,
like a Marilyn Monroe.   She is my now my ATF.
Angelina is a delicious woman and knows how to please and surpass my expectations!   
 Just a little side-note for you guys seeking her presence; she does screen references,
but it was no problem for me because I had them, and gave them a text to say Angelina
would be contacting them.   I think this expedited the process, because with some girls
in LA, it can take days for them  to even respond.
She's worth the wait...sprint to see this sexy Spanish Marilyn Monroe!
Angelina gives the best bbbjs in this world, and tops everyone I've ever experienced
in both the hobby realm and civvie dating!   She is tight like a glove, and the surprise is
that if you hit it right, she's a squirter!  Only been with one other, but it is a sensation
every guy must experience.   Angelina Jones is a woman I highly vouch for and will
recommend to anyone and especially my friends, whom will totally thank me later."
~~  Smallheadhappy ~~  Review:  April 2018
"I've seen beautiful Spanish Angelina Jones, over the last year, about 6 occasions now.   
Angelina is THE best performance ever!  Each and every time she just keeps me coming
back for more.  I finally decided to write a review, to share this San Diego secret.                             
She's sweet, amazing, sexy and mind-blowingly different than most.                       
I was initially surprised by this stunning woman, how she is so unique from all the
rest in her approach and what she deems is a real "Fbsm".   With other girls, in order
to get what us guys always want, it requires a huge up-sell and usually, it's just a HJ..
NOT with Angelina Jones!.. She includes as part of her Fbsm experience, not only her
amazing massage, but also many "extras"...Mutual Touching, Daty, and THE BEST Bbbjs!  
I wish I could write this off on my taxes, but hey I'm saving on "Stress Therapy",
twenty-fold, so visiting Angelina Jones is top-notch, well spent, and much deserved a 
10-stars San Diego therapy find!"
~~ chazziamastar41 ~~  Review:   Feb. 2018

"Contacted Angelina Jones on her Website.  She got back to me pretty quickly, and asked a few additional pieces of info, in order to expedite our meeting, for the next evening.   She screens, and so glad I had previous references, because she won't see anyone without them. 

Angelina Jones, is an exotic, super curvy Latina, with these piercing green eyes that mind-bang you, when you first see her.   She's like the sexy girl you see anywhere that's sophisticated, classy, but exudes this heat wherever she goes. Yeah, that come-do-me-look-I-dare-you-to-catch-me.  Well caught I did, and sprung I am!

The Juicy Details:
Hot!  She started with the tongue play and dfk , flicking her sexy mouth all over
me, to conclude into THE ultimate best bbbj  that curled my toes! I didn't want
to blow, but this beautiful woman had her way with me. (this bbbj will be my
go-to memory of head porn material on the daily thats for sure)

Round two..after an awesome relaxing massage, where these natural huge tits
kept grazing my ass and back as she kneaded my body into a frenzy. She's kissing
me on the back of my neck and massaging my big head. Ecstasy!
I begged to taste her, but not before she insisted on bbbj just enough to make
me want to take her right now.  And I did, dfk, all the way down to that bare sweet spot.
She's fresh, clean and sweet as honey, I could not get enough of this sexy ass woman.
She begged me after she squirt and squirt that juice all over my face.
Let's "make it official" as she said.  Ha Ha, I thought I probably should but a ring
on it. It doesn't get any better than this!

Angelina grabbed a cover, and sexily put it on me with her mouth, like I've
seen in porn.  Off to the moon we went, until she spent me with her tight,
gyrating juicy ass in my face and on me, sending me into blissful eternity.  
Damn, two hours isn't really long enough, but she's worth every dollar, and then
some but I'm not rich, just young and handsome.

She's a real sweetheart of a woman. And definitely will be my go-to for a
time-of-my-life porn-star experience!   Can't wait to see her gorgeous face and
feel her sexy body again. 
Run don't walk to be on her very limited client list... You snooze, you lose buddy."

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Available daily 11am-11pm,

Incalls preferred at my private, upscale, Downtown location.

I'm never "on-call", so pre-planning and Provider Reference Verification

 is required to schedule a tryst.

Please peruse my Website carefully as it should answer most of your questions.

Offensive phone calls, texts, and emails will be ignored.

Submit your information on the Contact Form.
 Angelina Jones


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Rate Session Service Details
$400 USD 1hr Incalls King's Pampering
$700 USD 90min Incalls "The King Requires More Attention!"
$800 USD 2hrs Incalls "King's Splendor"
$600 USD 1hr Incalls "A King's Film Experience ~ Just Like The Movies"
$300 USD 1hr Incalls Spot Healing Massage & Relaxation
$1200 USD 2hrs Outcalls King's Pampering
$2400 USD 4hrs Incalls/Outcalls Dining a' Deux {2hrs Dining/2hrs Private Time}
$3600 USD 6hrs Outcalls A Royal Pillow Fight, Includes Dinner On You, Dessert on Me, Oil Massage
$4800 USD 8hrs Outcalls The Kings' Lair Overnight to Include 2 Meals, Oil Massage
$7200 USD 12hrs Outcalls Royal Fantasy Slumber Party: All Meals, Oil Massage, Pampering Fit For A King!
$600 USD 1hr Incalls BDSM, Fetish, RolePlay
$1200 USD 2hrs Outcalls City Tours for Travelers, Dinner Escort - You take the bill, Movie Escort
$10,000 USD 24hrs Outcalls "King's Ransom" - Use Your Imagination, Inclusive All Meals & Desserts..Of Course!
$20,000 USD 24hrs Outcalls Luxury King's Tryst Weekend 36 hrs: Inclusive All Meals, City Tours for Travelers, Oil Massage
$12,000 USD 24hrs Incalls/Outcalls Mistress Arrangement 12-80k Monthly Paid on the 1st. You Can't Get Enough Of Me!
$800 USD 1hr Incalls Duos 2 Straight Males/800 per Each
$500 USD 1hr Incalls Female Duos ~ Contact Me for Details. Provide Below Items for DUOS:
$500 USD 1hr Incalls DUOS: 5⭐️Hotels/Clean Linens, Towels, & Cold Bottled h20. Some Dates require 50% Deposit Upfront.




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